Motion activated LED bed light

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Benefits and Solutions 

No More Stumbling In The Dark To Find The Light Switch

  • Light conveniently goes on when needed by detecting your motion
  • Light glows gently to preserve and maintain your sleep cycle
  • Easy installation, mounts in seconds with no special tools or electrical experience required
  • Warm, gentle glow creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere
  • Safely guides you across a dark room
  • Allows kids to fall asleep with a night light with timed shut off (30 seconds – 10 minutes)
  • Makes all nighttime activities more convenient
  • Waterproof: excellent for spill accidents and allows for easy wipedown
  • Great for babies, older kids, parents, seniors
  • Use in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, closet, wine cellar, garage, around mirrors, stairway, cabinets, drawers, behind the TV for warm glow frame
  • Switch between timer function and permanent light when desired
  • No more stumbling in the dark for the light switch
  • No more stubbed toes while moving around a dark room
  • No overly bright lights disrupting your sleep cycle
  • No turning on lamps/switches and waking your partner or child
  • Baby won’t go to sleep without a night light? No problem!

- LED: 2835, 30LEDs/M
- Work voltage: 12V DC
- Light color: 2700-3000K warm white, 6500K cool white
- IP rate: IP65 waterproof
- FPCB color: white and warm white
- Motion sensor distance and range: 3.5m / 11.5ft, 100°
- Adapter input voltage: 110V AC
- Adapter output voltage: 12V DC
- Adapter current: 1000mA

Package List:
2 × LED light strips (1.5m / 4.9ft length) (1pc if single)
2 × PIR motion sensors (1pc if single)
1 × adapter
1 × branch cable (no branch off cables if single)
4 × screws (2pcs if single)
6 × cable clips (3pcs if single)
2 × cable fold clips (1pc if single)
2 × self-adhesive tapes for sensor (1pc if single)
1 × user guide
1 × carton box